WSO2 ESB now supports QuickFIX/J

What do you get when you mix an open source project, a need that needs scratching, and a developer with time and know how? A contribution...

It's always nice to see the community 'in action'. Take the need for support of a widely used financial information exchange for security transactions (hence the name FIX) - and the need to leverage this standard inside Synapse (and the WSO2 ESB built on top of Synapse). A recent contribution by an undergrad student from Sri Lanka, Hiranya, means that you can now create an Axis2 and Synapse transport that listens and sends FIX events.

As far as I know, WSO2 ESB is the only open source ESB that supports FIX. Paul Fremantle also has a writeup on the new features, including using AMQP with QuickFix/J.


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