MSFT and WSO2 do OSCON 2008

Wow, 3 acronyms in the subject.

The windows giant is appearing at the open source lovefest called Oscon 2008. There's a lot of opinions and blogging going on about Microsoft and it's approach, or lack thereof toward open source. Is it open sourcing their crown jewels? Very doubtful. What they are doing at least, is working with us to make sure their products can run open source stuff, and more importantly interoperate with open source across their development products. As part of the work they are doing with us, MSFT and WSO2 have a booth together at Oscon showing some of the interop work the two of us have been working on.

If you're @ Oscon or in the Portland area drop by the booth. Katie, Jonathan and Ayanthi are handing out neat iPhone 3G covers - never mind, I think Raven Zachary took them all for his stash of iPhones.


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