return of the Nintendo powerhouse

In the last few years, I had basically assumed that Nintendo would go the way of the dodo bird, since it's consoles were badly behind in many regards to the newer consoles form Sony and Microsoft. How wrong a lot of us were...

Nintendo just reported Q1 numbers, and they are amazing. The Wii and it's hit of games like Wii Fit which combine physical exercise and and gaming are major success stories. In my many travels in the Bay area, I have seen over 50% of the offices i visit install Wii consoles in their offices, and many setup tournaments in things like tennis and bowling. It's a console that encourages competition and is extremely fun to play.

I'm really glad to see Nintendo back on top.

On a side note, I remember meeting a Nintendo backoffice developer a few years ago when I was @ JBoss, and they had written their entire back end system that collected gamer data using a lot of open source tooling.


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