not considering open source could cost you, in court

Microsoft does not need to send in Seinfeld to the province of Quebec it seems to rescue its adoption problems. The Quebec province has spent over $25 million in licenses this year alone and that has an open source organization angry about tax payers money being wasted. A lawsuit was filed in July by the Quebec open-source software association (FACIL) claiming that the procurement department for the province does not 'even consider' Microsoft alternatives, a move it says violates the law in the province on public tendering processes.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of this suit, and if other jurisdictions will set presidence in their arguments. If entire federal government institutions like those in France, Holland, etc. have adoption open source so widely, why can't the Quebec provincial gov't do so? I can't see any valid reason they have for at least not considering something like Open Ofiice, or Linux.


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