welcome to the US-SR

I hear that DHS is going to be printing new signs welcoming travellers to the USA with the new official name: US-SR. The United States Socialist Republic. Credit for this name goes to Marc Fleury on his latest blog posting about the take over and nationalization of AIG, and others in the still raging economic meltdown.
Other blogs are calling it the USSRA (United States Socialist Republic of America) but i like the US-SR much better, has a certain panache and likeable quality to it. I can't wait for the T-shirt's to start printing. Do you think we could incorporate Che's picture into it somehow? A star-spangled sickle?

Other blogs are lighting up the netwaves - here are some good one's:

It's amazing that this is happening. What would the titans of capitalism say if the middle class and the sub-middle class all screamed for Uncle Sam to give them all a handout to help pay their credit cards, or their car payments, cause they were to stupid to realize that they could not manage their own debt? Every capitalist would cry foul and scream bloody murder at the thought of handing out a lifeline to the average person. Yet here we are, the largest and wealthiest executives on the planet along with the companies they control come hat in hand begging Uncle Sam to rescue them from their own lunacy.

Less government the republicans say? Well guess what... good luck with that! You just grew the government payroll by 116,000 last night and the H.R department at the White House is surely to be a busy one in the next couple of months as more and more 'critical' enterprises come for their due soon enough.

update - check out this video from Jim Cramer, which is a great commentary on the last day's events:



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