the iPhone goes political?

A good friend of mine, Raven Zachary just announced the 'Obama 08 for iPhone' application which he has been working on in stealth mode since August.

Raven and I first met when we were the first members of the JBoss Customer Advisory Board back in 2004 @ the Four Seasons in Atlanta. I was with Aviva, and Raven was working for La Quinta. Since then, he went off into consulting, then as an analyst @ The 451 Group, and since a few months ago he has been following his obsession with the iPhone into a full-time role. It's always very satisfying to see someone get to work at their passion, and Raven has definetely found his sweet spot.

Congratulations Raven and the team on a major release and contribution to the political campaign. Now, if you can somehow make that app. talk to the voting machines in the US and allow Canadians with iPhones vote, you will guarantee Obama wins as most Canadians want him to win!


Channa Gunawardena said...

Most of the world, I would think! I'd feel a little uncomfortable with the other pair holding 'The Football'!

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