Mashup - "bad boy!" says Southwest Airlines

I wrote about Jonathan Marsh and a Mashup he put together to help get premier seating allocation on Southwest flights. Well, it didn't take long for the 'Brand Protection' Police from Southwest to issue a 'Cease and Desist' letter to WSO2. Seems this mashup violates the terms of use for their website. Can someone tell a third-party how their website is to be used, really? I can browse to any site I feel like, and use it any way I feel like. Who can tell me otherwise? If they expose things on the web, then it's fair game for anyone to make use of it, any way they want. Anyhow, that's another issue.

Check out the letter and Jonathan's reply here. Don't despair, if you're a frequent Southwest traveller, just download WSO2 Mashup, and deploy the mashup on your own local server! Hint - cache: into Google should get what you want.


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