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Well, after a short stint with MuleSource, I have moved over to a very exciting and truly open source company, with it's roots in South Asia, Sri Lanka. WSO2 has been creating incredible projects under the Apache community for quite a while now. They are the guys behind Axis2 and have created some very cool products, from the ESB, Registry, Identity Solution, to their latest very interesting product called Mashup server. WSAS is the enhanced AXIS2 distribution, and has some really incredible performance numbers and developer tooling which makes working with web services a breeze. I'll blog in the near future about each of these as I start to get familiar with them.

In my role as Director of Technical Sales, I will be leading the sales team to productize and apply some of the well known professional open source concepts which I learnt from guys like Marc Fleury and Bob Bickel when I worked at JBoss. It's amazing to see the already large and successful base of users and paying customers WSO2 has already, and we look to expand on that significantly.

Being a pure open source company - meaning, we truly have only one version of our products: pure open source versions released under the Apache license means we don't aim to lock our user or customer based into any sort of proprietary forked version of the release. If you look at some of the proprietary open source licenses which some vendors release 'paid' versions under the hood, they truly do lock you in, you are even required to 'remove' the product should you not renew your subscription. Is that open source anymore? Sounds no different then deploying BEA or Oracle. Some of the Enterprise paid open source version releases have differences in technical capabilities, like faster bug fixes from the HEAD codebase, extra features like Clustering, and more. What if your systems/applications depended on these for run-time or deployment? The vendor has you by the are not in the drivers seat anymore. Wso2 doesn't apply this model, remaining true to some of the core beliefs of the founders Paul Fremantle and Sanjiva Weerawarana. I'll talk a little more on this in future posts where I will compare us to some of the open source players that have competing products.

Back to Sri Lanka...
I just got back from my first visit to the island nation of Sri Lanka, and had a great time meeting the team based in Colombo. We also headed for a company R&R trip to the coast line and spent a few days in the sun before heading back onto a plane for 22 hours... that's the part that's not so fun.

Here's a pic of the team and some of the family members + some Sri Lanka shots - if you've never been here, you don't know what you're missing. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Team at the beach!


Oh one last note. Wso2 recently opened up their world H.Q in Mountain View, a stone's throw from Google's offices. Check us out if you're in the area.


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