SpringSource launches JEE alternative

It was about time. The Spring guys have finally launched a real alternative to the app. server - the SpringSource Application Platform. This is really innovative and will be a compelling technology for anyone deploying Java based applications.

At it's core, it's an OSGi platform. You can read Rob's blog for more detailed information and download packages. The most interesting comment, is the one about the release license:
"It's going to have two versions: a GPLed, open version, and a subscription-based version." - basically they are going with GPLv3.

Now that's not unexpected either - the Spring guys have been walking down the 'productization' road now for some time. I was speaking with Colin Sampaleanu a few months ago (he's from Toronto also) and he mentioned that they would be coming out with something innovative soon and productized.

This should be an interesting product release year for SpringSource. If they can find a way to monetize the millions of Spring shops out there, I should be seeing Colin drive by my house in a shiny new sports car in the not to distant future!

Update - my old boss from JBoss has a very funny post on this announcement: http://www.thedelphicfuture.org/2008/04/springsources-application-server.html


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