iPhone Scam!

Today, Rogers announced it's pricing for the long awaited iPhone release in Canada. Basically, they screw over Canadians.

Two questions:

1- why has it taken us longer then all the other countries which already have an iPhone to get one?
2 - why is Rogers trying to scam the Canadian public?

Make no doubt about it - this is a total Scam. The price plan is ridiculous, and ensures that most everyone will run over the plan limits and be hammered with extra charges. This is totally contrary to any other price plan I have seen anywhere in the world. It's a sick joke. I was going to get an iPhone, but now forget it. I will upgrade my blackberry to the new Bold instead. Cheaper, and actually, nicer looking. Might not be as cool as an iPhone, but ultimately, cost and function matter more then cool.

I would rather support RIM anyhow since they are Canadian ;-)

- Check this site our to voice your opinion on this directly to Rogers
- cost comparison of Rogers iPhone vs. USA/UK


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