Twitter - can you please fix this?

If you use Twitter, you've seen this a lot lately:

The dreaded "To many sessions" error - synonymous with this very useful service! Kind of like Windows and the Blue Screen of Death. I love twitter, I use it to follow friends, analysts, and local Toronto based twitters for random stuff.

So, it's great news that Twitter has landed some new financing, which should be put towards stabilizing the platform ASAP! The bad rep. twitter is getting is silly - they could and should avoid this easily with some good, scalable architecture decisions. If they don't fix this soon, there are alternatives out there and twitter will end up a footnote on Wikipedia.

This may be Twitter's last chance to get this right...the tech. crowd is not known for hanging around with flailing technology, no matter how cool it is.

fyi - I am using Twhirl for the desktop, really nice tool so far.


Brundlefly said...

Twitter is sadly the most perfect app, that works so imperfectly. The cash injection was over a few months ago, and it was BIG. The fact that the service is so tapped ( I figure ) was releasing the API to pretty much everyone so quickly.

I find twitterific unusable anymore, while facebook seems to work fine for my twitter fix... deeper pockets?


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