Microsoft does Open Source with WSO2?

It's no surprise to Java developers out there - tons of work is done in Windows, and many shops out there need to deploy onto Windows servers, and even more importantly, interop with Windows based .NET services and applications.

So how do you handle the interop with Java and .NET? WSO2 has been working very closely with Microsoft recently to showcase just how you can interop through our SOA stack and .NET services. We even showed how to interop across .NET, Java and PHP.

Jonathan Marsh, our Director of Mashup Technologies, was at Microsoft's TechEd IT 2008 today in Orlando and was part of the keynote by Bob Muglia showcasing the interop work done by WSO2 and Microsoft. The interop centres around the Stock Trader 2.0 demo developed by Microsoft.

You can see the architecture of the cross-platform interop scenario below:

Jonathan asks on his blog if WSO2 is the first Open Source company they've ever had on stage with them @ a keynote? If you know the answer...let us know!

You can watch the TechEd keynote here.


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