WSO2 ESB 1.7

A little quicker then I expected!

WSO2 ESB is released last night, version 1.7 which is based on the latest Synapse 1.2 release.

Webinar series introducing the WSO2 ESB v1.7:

In this Webinar series Paul Fremantle, CTO of WSO2, will introduce the new features and capabilities of the WSO2 ESB. The first session will recap on the overall approach and benefits of the WSO2 ESB solution and the underlying Apache Synapse project, and then go into the added functionality and benefits of the 1.7 release. The series will include details of the newly released support for Hessian, FIX, AMQP and also discuss the improvements in performance and stability.

For more details on the ESB Webinar, and to register.


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