Synapse goes 1.2

The Apache community behind Synapse, many of which work for WSO2, have released tonight a new version of the Synapse ESB - version 1.2. This is great news for WSO2's ESB, which runs Synapse at the core.

Highlight's from this release:

  • Support for Hessian binary messages
  • FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol transport
  • WS-Reliable Messaging support with WSO2 Mercury
  • Support for re-usable database connection pools for DB report/lookup mediators
  • Support for GZip encoding and HTTP 100 continue
  • Natural support for dual channel messaging with WS-Addressing
  • Cluster aware sticky load balancing support
  • Non-blocking streaming of large messages at high concurreny with constant memory usage
  • Support for an ELSE clause for the Filter mediator
  • Ability to specify XPath expressions relative to the envelope or body
  • Support for separate policies for incoming/outgoing messages
  • Support for a mandatory sequence before mediation
WSO2 will be releasing an upcoming version 1.7 of our ESB to take advantage of the new Synapse features. Expect some really interesting performance benchmarks comparing WSO2's ESB to other open source ESB's shortly.

Congrats Synapse team on another fine release.


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