in memory of a friend

Yesterday I received the sad news that my friend, Peter Kanitsch (g&m, mbtw) passed away from lung cancer. Peter was a great lover of life and always lived it to the fullest. My heart goes out to you Maria, Stephanie and Michael.

My wife's father passed away just last year from lung cancer, we know all to well how terrible a disease this is and the toll it takes on everyone in the family.

One of the fondest memories I recall when I think of Peter, is the runs we used to make with his family and mine to Bitondo's for veal sandwiches and pizza slices. What a riot those trips were, the place is so ghetto, but Peter loved it, and I think had been going there since it's opened who knows how many decades ago!

A friend of the Kanitsch family in film school made this movie in his tribute a few months ago:

Relay for Life Film 2007 from Bence Toth on Vimeo.


Charlie Martin said...

sorry to read the news. hang in there.

Samuel Fell said...

Terribly sorry to hear about your loss...

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