coolest firefox plugin yet

When my photo nut friend suggested I try out PicLens, I was like, yeah sure, another photo plugin for firefox. Why waste the time? Man am I glad I did. This thing is the most incredible plugin I've used yet for FireFox (it's actually available for Explorer and other browsers also).

  • It's great for browsing your own photo galleries on Flickr
  • searching google images for just the right pic? Check!
  • searching for books on Amazon? Probably the best way to search Amazon integrated into the browser i've seen yet
  • YouTube? This is the best way to view them
Check it out.

These are also some of the other plugins I use daily:
  • TinyUrl plugin - saves tons of time!
  • UserAgent Switcher - tired of having to sign-up to read news stories? Just fake the server into thinking you're coming in as the Google Bot ;-)
  • Better Google addon's - makes viewing your GMail, Calendar, etc much nicer
One more nice-to-have add-on I use, but for OSX mac mail client: LetterBox - a plugin which allows you to have 3-column viewing for those nice wide-screen monitors.


Afkham Azeez said...

Also checkout Morning Coffee

Luna said...

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for posting about PicLens! We truly appreciate it. We're delighted to hear that you are enjoying PicLens and we hope your readers will too.

Not only is PicLens a great way to view images and videos, it's also a great way to keep abreast of the news. The Discover feature aggregates the latest domestic, international, sports, fashion, entertainment, business, and tech news feeds from across the web.

For interested readers, please check out and to learn more.

Thanks again,
Luna and The Cooliris Team

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