new Mashup 1.5 ready

The WSO2 Mashup team released the latest, version 1.5 of our Mashup product.

What's new in this release:

  • Integrated award-winning Data Services: quickly and with zero-coding map queries on your databases, Excel spreadsheets, or CSV files into Web services.
  • Google Gadgets: power a Google gadget with a mashup service - we generate a try-it, a code template for customizing the gadget, and even a build in Gadget dashboard based on Apache Shindig. You can even import google gadgets and host them in your Mashup dashboard, or host your mashups on your iGoogle page
  • Security: Limit access to your mashup service to only authorized users, encrypt and sign your messages, and access services which are secured. I think our security interface is the easiest way to engage advanced WS-Security features that's out there
  • OpenID login support. I love OpenID! No more user ID's everywhere, different passwords, and so on. Just point to my OpenID supported blog and off I go!

Give it a try here


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