is BlackBerry losing the Enterprise?

In what is a very significant announcement, HSBC is moving in the direction of ditching the BlackBerry vs. the iPhone globally - we're talking 200,000+ units here. No small order...

So what does this say about iPhone adoption in the enterprise? Up till now most people using the iPhone has been for personal or small business use - it's wildly popular in the open source space I work in. Most people I know have an iPhone it seems. But till now, I have not really seen the iPhone in use in any of the large customers that I visit. A BlackBerry is the standard weapon of choice here. The note from HSBC would indicate that the iPhone is up to snuff for enterprise deployment. HSBC would not be making this decision unless factors such as connectivity, cost, and security were heavily analyzed and evaluated. I suspect that another major factor with going to the iPhone platform is the large breadth of 3rd party applications and viability for HSBC to develop their own app's for internal employee use is a major point for making this move.

It will be interesting to see how the BlackBerry adapts to this challenge.


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