the Android comes alive

Google's Android platform just had it's first phone coming out party for T-Mobile. See the promo video for what is being called the "G1" here.

Some interesting details:
- will retail for $179 on October 22 (with 2 year contract)
- limited quantities will be available to T-Mobile customers (I ordered mine already) from this site

I'm happy Google is getting into this game, we need a platform to counter the Apple iPhone reign and RIM. RIM has enjoyed their top spot for to long, and hasn't done much with improving their design and handsets. Yes, I use a BB 8800 for daily use, and they are great for email, but suck for everything else. Now with 3 major platforms (BB, Apple, Google) we will have serious competition, and that's ultimately good for end-users. Options are good and mean lower prices.

Check out the video from the Google Mobile Team:


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