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An interesting new book is due out shortly, from Jeff Davis through Manning.

I have been reviewing it, and I am very impressed by the quality of the writing, and for once, a book written to walk you through in small, managed stages through the process of putting together an end-to-end solution (a B2B sales order request) and includes very interesting and real-world technology concerns. The book uses Apache Synapse/WSO2 ESB as the basis for putting together the use-case, which includes:

  • validation - is the request received valid?
  • transformation - take the request and shape it to an internal data format
  • protocol mediation - go from SOAP/XML to JMS and others
  • legacy transports - legacy stuff like file polling
  • custom mediators - take a CSV and transform it to the internal model
  • error handling
  • Esper - Complex Event Processing
  • BPM - send sales requests into a wider, enterprise business process using jBPM as the engine
  • data enriching - lookup a customers file when the requests comes in, and enrich the data with his information before it gets sent onto the business process.
  • message splitting - use the iterator mediator
  • QoS - use WSO2 ESB's Throttling capabilities for real-world throughput issues
The many concepts in examples in this book easily make it a must for anyone working on SOA open source projects which use any of the technologies covered - ESB, BPM, WS-*, etc. All the fun stuff is covered.

Be sure to order your copy!


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