FireFox keeps moving - someone mentioned Chrome?

Many people (myself included) and news organizations have been writing about Google's new Chrome browser - I for one can't even test it since I run OSX. Luckily for us, the guys over @ Mozilla haven't stopped their hectic pace of release for FireFox. The latest Alpha for the 3.1 release promises some pretty exciting and interesting features. Check it out here.

For all the 'promise' and hype surrounding Chrome, i doubt they could release anything to compell me to move from FireFox fulltime. The AdBlock Plus addon (I haven't seen ad's in 18 months now i think) makes my web surfing painless without the silly banner ads distracting web pages. I use maybe 5 or 6 other addons which I find very useful. FireFox 2 was painfully slow compared to the new 3 platform. Performance might be the only reason I look at another browser in the near future.

If FireFox and the large community behind it keep plugging away and improving it like they seem to consistently do, I see no reason why FireFox can't reach even higher usage then IE.


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