Outsourcing to the USA?

Now here's something you don't see a lot written about - manufacturing jobs being outsourced to the USA, from of all places, the EU! In this article by the Financial Times, it's pointed out that many states are now offering such lucrative terms to open up shop in the US locations, that as one exec. put it "you would be stupid to turn them down at the moment. It is one of the low-cost locations to be in at the moment.”

Now, if only these states would offer incentives for US based firms to STAY in the US instead of moving operations to Mexico or Asia. In fact, why not remove all tax incentives for any firm which chooses to relocate outside of the USA?

Anyhow, it was very interesting to read that the USA is now being considered a cheap place to manufacture, along with traditional third-world locations in Asia and LATAM.


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